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Dear RAMZPAUL SHOW: My Response

The following is an unbiased review of “Dear White People” by an online reviewer on RottenTomatoes.com. Spencer S.

“Dear White People” is a film full of divisive issues on race, presented with hysterical point of view by writer/director Justin Simien. The main takeaway of this film is the issue of identity when you are classified as the “Other” in a white dominated society. Many different perspectives emerge from the various black cast members: that of the upper middle class rich kid who don’t see disparity, though their actions contribute to it, the voice of an angry faction fed up with white privilege, and whom places race in every conversation, and the voice of someone who doesn’t know their racial identity because of their various interests. Every issue that this film brings up makes you, as an audience member, angry and enlivened. The fact that racism’s biases are so entrenched in our lives, and yet we treat it as a dead, age old form of degradation is unfathomable. The characters sometimes rely on clichés, and aren’t always as fully developed as I would like, but their problems and motivations are fleshed out. Writer/Director Justin Simien has a unique, personal voice that rings true, and even if you don’t enjoy the film, I wouldn’t doubt you will be thinking about it a long time afterwards.

Spencer S.  dearwhitepeopleblogger

     With your opening statement you claim that Netflix’s acquisition of the rights to the contents of “Dear White People”,

 blackpeoplestaringphoto: Dear White People movie. Homegrown pictures. 2015

and their stated intent to turn it into a show, and run it exclusively on their network represents racism against white people, and that, were it to be based on mocking any other group of people, it would be shut down immediately, for hate.

I, in addition to many others, feel that the white race is the only race who has not been disproportionately, unfairly represented in stories, plays, T.V. shows, movies, or music. I, in addition to many others, also believe that Dear White People has absolutely nothing to do with “Hating” or “Mocking” White People at all.

And, in the spirit of fair play, I offer up a link to the 50 most racist shows, as well as a few note- worthy mentions.

A long running American favorite for T.V. shows is COPScops

They make number 45 on the list for their excessive harassment of, racial profiling of, illegal searches and seizures of, false arrest of black and hispanic people in predominantly black and hispanic, low income neighborhoods. All the while filming themselves “Violating Our Basic Human, Civil, And Federal Rights. (Article 3: Section 3)

Another rather surprising one would be Lou Dobbs Tonight

loudobbsPhoto: complex.com

He repeatedly questioned Obama about his Citizenship Status and therefore, the legitimacy of his Presidency. This is blatantly racist when we are told to ignore Trump’s Citizenship status due to his ancestry, as well as his affection for Russian Wives, and Politicians. Dobbs is also known to associate with White Supremacist Immigration Reformers, and reported false statistics, citing “immigrant laborers were causing a spread of leprosy throughout the United States.”

After this Obviously bad start on your own behalf, I continued to read to see if you might have a valid complaint to insert after the fact of your racist accusation of racism. You did not. Instead you chose to further compound your disrespectful disregard for factual history. You chose to take the historical hatred and pain we (white people as a group) have continuously inflicted on all people of color, and reverse it, accusing them of doing those same things to us, simply because they choose to unite together, and “Hold a mirror up to us.” This movie does not “Promote White Hate.” It “Exposes White Hate.” Meaning, it shows many ways that “White People’s Racism” affects Non-White People on a daily basis.  

That’s Disrespectful.

But your statement after that which suggests that the Left Wingers would do all they could to exterminate the White Race, is not only absurd, when compared to our (White People’s) well established history of “Actually” attempting to wipe out the entire Black and Native American People, but also the epitome of cowardly and insulting, due to your attempt to blame Black People for having the audacity to stand up to OUR ANCESTRAL HISTORY of trying to exterminate them.

That’s Completely Disgraceful. blackcrowdshocked

Some things to read up on for your benefit would be the Tulsa Race Riot, where On May 31 and June 1, 1921, a white mob started the riot, attacking residents and businesses of the African-American community of Greenwood in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Then there’s the Rosewood Massacre of 1921, where a large group of white men, including police, attacked and utterly destroyed and entire town and it’s resident’s over a rumor. Definitely don’t forget about the Trail of Tears, which forced the Cherokee People off their own land, many men, women, and children dying during the forced migration, at the hands of “White Government”, in “Their Land.”

Here’s a “Real” and “Current” Headline for your perusal,

White Supremacists Have Killed More People Than Islamic Terrorists in the U.S. Since 9/11

White supremacists and anti-government radicals have accounted for almost twice the number of murders in the United States than Muslim jihadis in the years following the September 11 2001 terror attacks, a recent Washington research center study revealed.

In the span of 15 years, anti-government radicals and white supremacists have reportedly killed 48 Americans, according to a count by New America. The number by far exceeded the 26 deaths caused by Muslim radicals in the same period.

     You wrapped it up by stating that there wasn’t much of a market for such a racist show, but, you are sure they will continue to air the show anyway. And the most amusing thing about your argument is your central idea that “The people behind the show, who, are not “Black,” are willing to lose money in order to promote their White Hate Propaganda.

The show is based on the movie. The movie was not “anti-white”, therefore, the show will not be “anti-white”.

Your’e speech is filled with fear based hate. You know our society is racist. But you don’t care until that racism circles right back around to “our” race.

That makes you pathetic.

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